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Autos 0-60 Sirius XM Radio Channel 153 Monday to Friday Noon, 7 PM and 3 AM EST Auto 0-60 with Javier Mota, a digital automotive journalist, takes you to the exciting and wonderful world of automobiles discussing everything from new releases to mechanics, safety, auto shows, and helpful tips to keep your vehicle in top shape. This high-octane program can help you change your oil and spark plugs without even taking your car out of the driveway. Come closer to your dream machine as Javier shares his passion for speed, wheels and mechanics in this one-hour virtual body shop experience.

Kerstin Sachl on the Eco Reco eScooter around Brickell, Miami

A personal transportation makes more sense for many occasions in your daily life. While a gasoline-fueled car can only move you 5-6 miles on $1 of gasoline, you can travel more than 500 miles with that same dollar on an EcoReco scooter.

With a 36V, 8 Ah LFP rechargeable battery, a high efficient hub motor, a controller optimized for most practical usage conditions and overall aerodynamic frame design, the EcoReco scooter can travel up to 20 miles on a single charge at up to 20 MPH, so you can go farther with lower costs and fewer charges.

Kerstin Sachl on the Eco Reco eScooter around Briickell., Miami

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